1987 Holder 12 Sailboat #1683

    Find The Free Sailboat Hulls
    Survey The Damaged Parts
    Fiberglass Repair The Sailboat Hull
    Fibergass Repair Tips
    Make Bunk Board For Small Trailer
    Microcruising In Holder 12
    Overnight Beach Cruising Trip
    Misc Sailing Trip Pictures
    Sailboat Gets A New Paint Job
    Boat Cover and Support In Daggerboard Trunk
    Tiny Rudder To Help Rowing

1982 Laser II Sailboat Orbital Debris

    Fiberglass Deck
    How I Found Her
    Setup With Oars
    DIY Simple Kickup Rudder
    Stayed Sail Rig
    Fiberglass Mast Sleeve
    Fixup Small Sailboat Trailer

1980 ODay 19 Sailboat MoogieBob

    Cleaning Up
    Mast Crutch Support For When Trailering
    How I Found This Sailboat
    Adding Foam Emergency Flotation To Sailboat
    Trip to Huntsville State Park
    Perfect Type of Shoal Keel for Sailboat
    Nissan 5hp Outboard - solved strange problem
    Paddle Keeper - For Inside Sailboat Cockpit
    The New Pets We Got While Cleaning The Sailboat
    Pull Sailboat Off Ground Onto Trailer
    Setup Sailboat Trailer For New Hull
    Morning Sail at Tempe Town Lake
    Misc Sailboat Fixup Work

1982 Vagabond 17 Sailboat DaisyKit hull #311

    Cleaning Sailboat
    Raising a Sailboat Mast - the EASY way
    How I found My Vagabond 17 Sailboat
    Conroe Yacht Club to Jack In The Box Sailing Adventure
    Trip to the Lake Conroe Tiny Beach

1975 Guppy 13 Sailboat

    Guppy 13 Being Delivered To Texas
    Initial Pictures
    More Pictures
    Sailing at Lake Livingston TX

2004 Nimble Peep Hen

    Pictures Outside Of Peep Hen
    Pictures Inside Of Peep Hen

Puddle Duck Racer

    The Adventures of BucketEars

Bolger Brick

    Bolger Brick Sailboat - Kitty Litter Express

Flats Rat Kayak

    About Design
    Trip Pictures
    Lake Conroe Island Geocache 3

Plank Rat Kayak

    Build Flotation Chambers For Kayak Self Rescue
    How To Build This Kayak In Single Day
    Calculate Emergency Flotation For Kayak
    Super Simple Kayak Paddling Excercise Machine
    Nifty Paint Job For Kayak
    Simple DIY Plwood Jon Boat
    Test Kayak Emergency Flotation

Crescent Kayak Splash II

    Splash Compared To Other Kayaks
    Crescent Kayak Splash II Info
    Paddling Kayak At Lake Woodlands
    Unpacking New Kayak
    Lake Somerville Island Geocache
    South Deer Island Geocache - Galveston West Bay
    Geocache On Cypress Creek - Spring Texas

My Other Boats

    Other Boats I have Previously Owned

Misc Events

    Lake Conroe Messabout 2000
    Lake Conroe Messabout 2001
    Lake Conroe Messabout 2002
    Lake Charles Messabout 2002
    Lake Conroe Messabout 2002-2
    Palacios Beach Raid 2003
    Lake Conroe Messabout 2003
    Magnolia Beach Messabout 2007
    Cardboard Boat Race 2005
    Cardboard Boat Race 2006
    Cardboard Boat Race 2007
    Cardboard Boat Race 2008

Sailboat Trailer Articles

    Some Interesting Small Boat Trailers
    Harbor Freight Bolt Together Kit Trailers
    Combine Harbor Freight 4x8 trailer with the HF Boat Trailer
    Stick Trailer - Make Simple Type Small Boat Trailer
    Stick Trailer - Fixup More
    Make Bunk Board For Small Trailer
    Matching Inside Curves With A Tick Stick
    Small Boat Trailer DIY Spare Tire Cover
    Swing Away Trailer Tongue
    Setup Sailboat Trailer For Oday 19
    Pull Sailboat Off Ground Onto Trailer

Misc Sailboat Related Articles

    Trolling Motors and Batteries for Small Sailboats
    Transporting & Carrying Your Outboard Motor
    Helping pickup a FREE (sunken) Macgregor Venture 21
    Lake Conroe - Directions To Conroe Yacht Club
    Lake Livingston - Wolf Creek State Park
    Lake Woodlands - North Shore Park free boat ramp
    Tempe Town Lake Boat Ramp
    Finding Replacement Parts for Your Sailboat
    Sailboat Drain Plugs
    Boat and Sailboat Transport and Shipping Company Links

BBQ Smoker Projects

    How I got started with a BBQ Smoker - And Lessons Learned
    Convert kingsford (webber) charcoal kettle grill into bbq smoker
    Shorty UDS - Mini Ugly Drum Smoker BBQ from 55 Barrel
    Upgrading Shorty UDS - Adapt Weber BBQ Lid to Drum Smoker

Misc Other Projects

    My Custom Mini Chopper Pocket Bike
    Pocket Bike Mini Chopper - Rice Racer Crotch Rocket
    Jason at Upper Hand Custom - Building Mini Chopper
    Mini Chopper Street Legal Info - Texas
    Saw / Drill / Router custom tables
    My Simple DIY Hovercraft For Kids
    My Garage and Wood Storage System in Houston
    My Garage and Wood Storage System In Phoenix
    How to dig an irrigation trench and not cut pipes phone wires your cable TV etc
    Lawn Mower Weather Cover
    paver brick driveway and landscaping our front yard
    Improved Vegas Cockroach Trap - from peanut butter jar
    My Favorite Weather Stations To Watch
    Koi Rescue and Pond Projects
    My Homing Pigeons