Crescent Kayak Splash II Frequently Asked Questions

Article By Shorty

Frequently Asked Questions about the Splash II

Q: How did the Splash handle while paddling solo?
A: Worked great, I can paddle about 3.5 mph average for hours at a time.

Q: How Well does the Splash II track?
A: Has a full length keel, and tracks very well. For course correction, most people instictively paddle hard on one side to push the bow over. This can waste your energy quickly, what I do is drag the paddle on the side I want to turn every 4th or 5th stroke.

Q: How to you haul the boat around?
A: The boat only weighs 66 lbs, but because of the size it is kinda ackward to get off the car and to the beach to launch. What I did was slide it off the cartop and onto my head. Then I would carry it by myself (still on top of my head) to the area I was going to launch. Then I would put the bow down, and then walk backwards till I was at the end of the boat. Then grab the cargo straps and turn right side up to lower the stern onto the ground.

Q: How does the splash handle heavy weather and waves?
A: I went out in 25 winds gusting 35 to see if the splash could take the pounding (water temp was 85+ degrees) -- had a great time. Chop was about 2.5' high, water would pound over the bow and drain out the stern. Splash can take more than I can.

Q: What if you capsize in deep water?
A: I have intentionally dumped the boat, and very easy to climb back in from deep water. Never dumped it accidentally, it is a very stable boat. Can even stand up while on the water.

Q: Can I go fishing from a Splash II
A: You sure can. I have seen other kayaks advertised as "fishing kayaks" - but all of them have the storage behind the paddler. With a splash II, you have enough room to put your cooler in front of you, along with all of your other gear - that way you don't have to turn around to get at your stuff. I even heard about this guy who zip tied a board to the eyelets, and then mounted a trolling motor on the side. Sounded neat!

Q: Can you repair the boats if damaged or completely holed?
A: You should probably have a kayak shop do it for you, but if you want to repair it yourself, practice on some junk plastic like old kids toys (big wheel riding toy). What you do is take the crack and score it with a knife to make it into a V groove. Then take a sliver of new plastic, lay it over the crack and use a propane torch to melt the new plastic into the crack. Use a spoon to smooth it out and be very careful otherwise you will melt a bigger hole and make the repair more complicated. Do it outdoors, the plastic emits a toxic fume when heated.

Q: How is a rotomolded kayak made?
A: The manufacturer has these huge hollow molds that they pour polypropylene plastic into (looks like sand). The mold is heated, and then rotated in all directions by a robot arm as it cools. The molten plastic coats the inside of the mold and cools. When it is cool enough, the boat is removed from the mold.

Q: There is water inside my kayak, how did it get there?
A: The boat flexes and plastic is very hard to have an adhesive or sealant stick to, so the fittings leak - donít worry, they all leak like this. You should only be worried if you take on more than a gallon of water inside the hull. This could indicate a crack in the hull somewhere.

Q: Where do I get Scupper Stoppers for the holes?
A: Get a "fun noodle" from walmart and cut a cone shaped plug. Stuff these plugs into the scupper holes. This will make it a dryer ride, and increase the weight capacity. If you get swamped, just pull out the plugs and drain the water.

Q: Do you think the seats are necessary?
A: Definately, I can last about 20 minutes without the seats, and with them I have paddled for 7-8 hours.Could have gone more, but friends were worn out.

Q: Was your shipped to you, or did you pick it up?
A: Was shipped, a bit unpredictable when it was supposed to come, but made it OK.

Q: How was it putting two adults and two kids in it?
A: Together we weight about 600 lbs, which is too much for the Splash. At 500 lbs it would be OK. Very stable boat, great fun to splash around. Kids lunge for the water, never felt like we were going to go over.