Geocache On Cypress Creek - Spring Texas

Article By Shorty
This geocache was placed while kayaking down the Cypress Creek, however you should be able to reach it by foot somehow. It is a screw top clear container that is tied to the base of a tree at the top of the bank along the river.

Just after entering the Mercer Arboretum, if you turn to your right there is a parking lot that you can leave your car and walk to the river. We just unloaded our kayaks here and then we drove to leave 2 of our 3 cars at the Jesse H. Jones Park where we would be taking our kayaks out. Not all of us are in the photo, I am taking the picture and Robert was off to the side unloading a boat. Being the only woman along Becky was demonstrating how strong she was and that we shouldn't mess with her.

We had a couple of different types of boats with us, 3 were sit-on-top kayaks, 2 sit-in kayaks, and 1 canoe.

Water fight!
Robert told me of a neat game that we should have played - it is called "dead fish water polo". It is played by using your paddle to flip a sponge out of the water and onto another person's boat. If the sponge hits your boat, you are out and the sponge goes back into the water. The last person still in wins. You are allowed to defend yourself with the paddle but not your hands. Sounds like a really fun game, we will have to try it next time.

There were a few obstacles in the water but no sign of rapids. This was about as rough as the water got the whole time.

Here we took a break so I slipped off to plant a geocache. I received this container from Tim's wife Jean where it was originally the storage container for rice. To prevent it from floating off in the rain I tied it to a tree.

Here you can see the tree where it was stashed and the bank where we took a break.

Here is all the gang (except me behind the camera), from left to right: Tim, Brian, Becky, Robert, Jeff.

Now here comes the goofy part of the trip. We had become a little seperated so stopping to wait and group back up we noticed a wheel barrow up at the top of the bank. We guessed that it was probably deposited there during the flood that happened a few months back. With a good tire showing and general structural integrity, we decided it would be a nice catch so I climbed up there (the forked tree) and tossed it down. Robert then loaded it upside down on the trunk of the kayak that Jeff was paddling.

Back paddling away with our new treasure....

... isn't that just the goofiest thing you have ever seen on a kayak???? :)

Actually the wheel barrow strapped back there looks a lot like the ocean crossing kayak that Peter Bray used to cross the Atlantic.

All wonderful days must come to an end, and here we are taking our boats out at the canoe launch of Jesse H. Jones Park.

Walking out to retrieve out cars Robert and I spotted a few deer crossing the road. That gave me an idea of how to get the wheel barrow home...

Just put her right across the hood, deer hunters do it, right?

As if on que, two hikers strolled by and were kind enough to take a photo of us all.