Boat & Sailboat Transport and Shipping Company Links

Article By Shorty

So... you finally found that dream boat, but she is on the far corner of the world. How are you gonna get her home?

Cheapest way
Drive over in your car and get her. Sleep in the car, eat PB&J. The adventure really is worth it just by itself, not only do you get out of the house with a legitimate excuse, but it adds to the essence of the boat you are getting. You can also stop at a lake or two on your way back and go sailing in a place that you may never have gone to otherwise.

Fastest Way - Get a U-Haul !!
One very simple, cheap and quick way to get a boat is to fly one way on Southwest Airlines to the city your new boat is located in, then rent a U-Haul or Penske moving truck. Then use that truck to tow the boat back home. A few people have done that when buying boats from me, one guy made it a long distance shopping trip. He also bought a welder, table saw and some other heavy equipment from ebay and picked those up on the way back. Instead of a hotel, he just parked and slept in the boat. In addition to rest stops on the highway, Walmart has a great overnight policy and lets people sleep overnight in their parking lots.

Boat Hauling and Transporting Companies There are a ton of people that do hauling and transport who advertise at Craigslist. Some have big rigs, others are just simple guys with a pickup truck. No mddle man, no brokerage, just contact them direct and work out a deal. Sometimes you can get a really great deal if they are driving by that area with another load. You can also advertise the transport you need and they can contact you.
Able Boat Transport
Big Sky Yacht Delivery - Pete Sauer - (406)250-1452 - both sea and land transport Only does ocean transport.
Boat Transport Pros Flagship Specialized Shippers
Stellar Boat Transport - Oversize Boat Transport
M & N Transportation, Inc

General Freight & Flat Bed Brokers Feeling Brave? You can find a private freight driver and deal with him directly.
Flying J -- call one in area being picked up, ask about posting note on bulletin board.

Motor Freight Companies
Main ones
United Parcel Service
DHL Worldwide Express
Federal Express
CR England, Inc.
CTS Con-Way Transportation Services
Overnite Transportation Company
Yellow Freight System

Lots of others
ABF Freight Systems
ACME Truck Line, Inc.
Action Express
Alaska West Express
Allen Lund Company, Inc.
Allied Van Lines
All's Cartage Ltd.
American Pacific
American President Lines
Amstan Logistics
Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.
Arrow Trucking Company
Atlantic Freight Systems
Atlas Interchange
Armellini Industries, Inc.
Averitt Express
Barr-Nunn Transportation, Inc.
Bee-Line Delivery Service
Bilkays Express Co.
Boyd Bros Transportation
Bullet Truck Lines
Buske Lines, Inc.
CFI Contract Freighters Inc.
CNF Transportation
CRST International
CSX Corporation
Celadon Trucking Services, Inc.
Challenger Motor Freight
Combined Transport, Inc.
Condor Transport, Inc.
ContainerPort Group, Inc.
Dixieland Express Co.
Eastern America Transport & Warehousing
Emery Worldwide
EXCEL Transportation Services
Exel Logistics
4-Way Logistics
FWCC Contract Carrier
Fikes Truck Lines
Fleetmaster Express, Inc.
Four-T Transportation, Inc.
Frick Transfer, Inc.
GST Corporation
Givens Trucking Company
Harris Transport
Henderson Trucking Co.
Highway Transport
Hood Transportation Group
J.B. Hunt
JJT Enterprises, Inc.
J & S Delivery Service
KLLM Transport Services
Lessors, Inc.
Liquid Transport Corporation
Long International
Lynden Transport
MRS Freight Forwarding
Marten Transport
Mayflower Transit
McClendon Trucking
Melton Truck Lines, Inc.
Mill Creek Motor Freight
North American Van Lines
Oak Harbor Freight Lines, Inc.
OOCL: Orient Overseas Container Line
Overland Freight and Couriers
Parker Motor Freight
Pathmark Transportation Marketing Company
Pollard Motor Freight
Preston Trucking Company
Prime, Inc.
Purolator Courier Ltd.
Raider Trucking, Inc.
Rail Delivery Service, Inc.
Roadway Express
Robert Hansen Trucking, Inc.
Roberts Express
Robertson Transportation Services
Roehl Transport, Inc.
SAIA Motor Freight Line, Inc.
SPI International Transportation
Schneider National
Schwerman Trucking Company
Sitton Motor Lines
Skinner Transfer
SouthEastern Freight Lines, Inc.
Sumark Services
T.J. Wagner Trucking, Inc.
Turbo Logistics
U.S. Express
USA Truck, Inc.
Welborn Transport
WestEx, Inc.