Non-skid sailboat finish

Article By Todd William

There were several dings and holes in the textured non-skid parts. Todd researched and came up with several options for repair:

persistent particle - Mix sand or other grainy particles into epoxy or paint, and apply. The particles create the new non-skid surface.

soluble particle - Mix salt or sugar crystals in with the paint, then after it is cured, wash it down to make the salt dissolve away.

stamp surface - Similar to how they apply textured drywall, use a sponge to stamp the wet surface. As it sets up, use a putty knife to knock down the points, but leave most of the texture.

Todd went with the fugitive filler, he painted 2 coats of paint, then just after putting down the 3rd coat, he applied liberal amounts of kosher salt. Couple of days later it rained and created his nonskid surface.