Roll Her Out In The Driveway

Article By Gene Heard

Rolled the Force 5 outside, rigged her up and took some pics. Neighbor asked if I was "coming or going ?'.....I said "Neither, a Force 5 is too wet to sail at 48 least it is for me " !

Found the hiking strap in the sailbag ? Since the screws were long enough, I cut a 1/8 x 3 x 4 inch aluminum plate to go under the thwart. Drilled it so that the screws for the rachet block and the screws for the hiking strap go through it. It just spreads out the mainsheet load.

Now kicking around ideas for spar carriers to go on the boat. The Bronco is kinda' short for hauling the spars. Besides, that will "tent" the cover so it will shed rainwater, important around here !

With the flukey breezes here, didn't want to leave it rigged on the trailer any longer than needed. Might be a few days before I decide what to do about spar carriers. Might just sew up a padded bag, I only go about 3-4 blocks to the boat ramp.

If the weather lets me, I may go fly radio control tomorrow, supposed to be around 60 degrees. I'm also working on a '62 A-H Sprite with a 1600 cc. Volvo in it. Gotta finish putting in a water pump.

Another of my projects, water pumps for old Volvos are rare and expensive, so I built an adapter plate to accept an Isuzu pickup pump, cheap and available. Of course, if I had to pay me for my time, the Volvo pump would be cheaper ! Then again, the adapter is a one-shot deal, but a permanent solution !