Stevenson Vacationer Sailboat 2003

Article By Shorty

Definately a star of the day, was Bob Taylor's Vacationer. This boat is so beautiful, is is featured on the Stevenson Projects website with it's own page.

Bob built a couple of Piraguas and got interested in sailing. I was giving up my brick at the time and Bob picked it up. Believe he took it to Lake Somerville for a sail, was bitten by the sailing bug and a short 8 months later rolled this magnificent piece of artwork from his shop.

And on top of that, Bob has a real 8-5 job!

Lots of great details like this turkey feather winddex.

Tons of space inside, something happened and my camera ate the picture of Matt here sitting upright. Has real sitting headroom inside.

Here Bob is taking a crew of us out for a test sail.

Jack "Triple" Nickel at the helm.

Gavin at the helm, Perry Phillips on the left with a borrowed kid (sorry, forgot his name, nice guy). Perry kept covering his ears every time I would make a dirty joke.

Bill Paxton down from Minnesota, Bill has build the smaller version of this boat called a Weekender. Bill was up on the bow on purpose to make the boat sail better, with all the weight in the cockpit it wasn't balanced properly.

Then after a discussion of how riding bows was illegal now, Gavin traded places and went right up there. Said something about they could write him a ticket, but not sure would go to trouble of extraditing him from England. heheh.....

And finally, I tested Bob's ramrod, only later did I find out that it was actually a bow sprit and not meant for sinking of other vessels. None the less it did a great job, that Venture 22 hunk of plastic junk was sent straight to Davey Jones's locker, the Vacationer makes a great warship.

Bob later said that after completing the boat he now had confidence to tackle more complicated projects -- unsure of what would be more complicated, Bob sent me this photo of his telescope which he is now going to build an observatory around. Keep shooting for the stars Bob, doing a great job!

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