2016-09-29 by geezer2
Had one of these for ~5 years. Identical to the Mach ll, except for sail insignia, etc...13'10', 90 lbs, 85 sq.ft sail area. Made by Snark , one version sold by SEARS. Hull is styrofoam (not 1 piece, denser than skinless coolers) with ~1/32 thick 'cycolac' (ABS?) skin. Skin is not smooth but intentionally 'dimpled', possibly for strength or to reduce drag by inducing vortex flow ( a la golfball, but dimples/protrusions ~1/16 in.). Much easier to cartop than Sunfish and its clones (90 vs 130+lbs). Has decent size storage (2+ six-packs closeable locker forward), huge cockpit (fits 3-4 people, for ~ 500 lbs total), A really good utility boat. Planes readily,, sails offwind in ~5' of water. Would buy another one if skin not degraded.
Downside is its skin: degrades from UV(?), can be damaged and know of no decent way to fix it. Styrofoam WILL absorb water (do NOT moor). Mine ended up at 192lbs due to mooring with a damaged bottom (cracked then delaminated from foam). Attempted to dry out by standing on end in sun for 2 years. Went down to 178lbs with weight shifted to stern. Chainsawed and dumped (saved HW, rig, sails).
Used the rig and hardware on a Laser hull, then later adapted windsurfer rigs to the hull (many advantages over a lateen).
Thank you Shorty for your great website, work, articles, and ideas. You are an inspiration to many of us and deserve a wider audience. Where can I join your fan club?

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Sailboat: Jet Wind ( Jetwind ) Sailboat by Sears